Fuel Pump, 1600 w/Alternator


BUG 73½-74
GHIA 73½-74
SUPER BTL 73½-74
T-181 THING 73½-74


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Product Description

IMPORTANT! LOOK BEFORE YOU INSTALL! This Fuel Pump is designed to be used with a 4 Inch Pushrod on Alternator equipped Beetles and Karmann Ghias from Late 1973 thru 1974. Be sure to measure your Pushrod and verify that it is 4 Inch in length. If installed with a 4.25 Inch Pushrod, the Actuating Lever in the base of the Fuel will become damaged rendering Fuel Pump useless and unworkable. Any warranty of Fuel Pumps with broken/damaged Actuating Levers are VOID and are not returnable.
Fuel Pump, 1600 w/Alternator